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Yiwu Mirrors & Combs Market

Yiwu Mirrors & Combs Market

Yiwu Mirrors & Combs Market

Location: 3rd Floor, District 3, International Trade City. Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, except a 7-day-close down during Spring Festival.

The mirrors and comb market is in the some district as the Cosmetics Market. The mirrors and combs is one of the strongest and largest industries in Yiwu.

Just as the cosmetics market, most of the famous brand mirrors and combs has the agent and distributors in the market. They display the productions especially the new model in their showrooms. Most of the models are the only one sample. Sometimes, it is much more expensive for you to buy the sample than wholesale. And in some shops, they don’t sell the samples

For some shops, small quantity is allowed and also mixed designs, colors. But some others can not. Just like the price is different from shop to shop, the MOQ is also different. If you can find the right supplier, the price is very low.

Most of the foreigners come to Yiwu mirror and combs market because the cost including the delivery charge is lower than purchase in their country. Others come to Yiwu because the reputation of this market. With the globalization and recovery of the economy, made in China is heard by more and more oversea countries.

The mirror and comb industry went through the recession, and now it is becoming stronger. The producers now focus on the quality and designs because the quality is the life of their factories.

You can look around the shops and find those meet the local customers’ need and taste. The suppliers not only provide you their models, but they can produce the model designed by the customers. Mostly, the models in the shop are just the samples, some in stock; some not.

Most of the factories are around Yiwu city or Zhejiang province. They take the market as the showroom or a window of the world. If you have more cooperation with the suppliers, you can test the samples and visit their factories.