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Yiwu Belts Market

Yiwu Belts Market

Yiwu Belts Market

Location: 4th Floor, District 4, International Trade City.
Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, except a 15-day-closedown during Spring Festival.

Let’s have a look of Yiwu Belts Market.

The belt market is on the same floor of the bra and underwear. It is one of largest markets in Yiwu. With the development of economy and globalization, the market is becoming more and more open to the world. The reputation is heard by the world. And the belt market is the paradise of foreign purchasers.

Around Yiwu Belts market, Men’s belt, women’s belt, kid’s belt and genuine leather belts…all kinds of belts are displayed in the goods shelf. Now the suppliers around Yiwu treat the belt market as the window to the world.

The belt industry is one of the strongest industries in Zhejiang province.

The environment here is very comfortable. You can go around the market and consider the quality, price, and variety. The price will satisfy you if can find the right suppliers.
Most of the factories are the direct sellers. You can have a test sample in the market. If you have more cooperation with the supplier, you can test the factory.

The brands in the belts market include the global brands and Chinese top brands. If you want to find Chinese top brands belts, Yiwu belts market is the best place for you because most of the brands in this market are Chinese. Almost all top China brands have their direct sales offices, or agents, or distributors inside this market. But most of the stalls are still full of small brands and non-brands.

The suppliers of the clothing market always display their models in the shop, especially the new one in conspicuous place. It is of course OK for the customers produce the models they design themselves.

And you should pay attention to the following instructions if you are shopping in belt market. Put yourself in comfortable clothes. Business-leisure would be perfect. Formal, elegant suit is rare here. Ask for permission before taking photos. Smoke only in the smoking room or in the lobby.

Welcome to Yiwu Belts Market!